Pattern of the slave Aldina

2018-05-03Slider and Aldina10:07 minutesBrunette, Hairy, Male Domination
Pattern of the slave Aldina 1
Pattern of the slave Aldina 2

My newest slave Aldina comes to the muster she is Turkish therefore her German is not quite Perffekt I declare her what is meant when I give her an order and look at her body more closely

Slave Sky mustering

2018-05-03Slider and Sky 15:34 minutesAmateur, BDSM, Brunette
Slave Sky mustering 1
Slave Sky mustering 2

I got Slave Sky on behalf of her cathedral
She is still at the beginning why she is still touched with  gloves

In this video you have to undress her are the first principles explained
I'll click it off Fingere You look what I got there